Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mobile Proximity Beacon Driving Customers To Businesses

proximity beacon

New Mobile Proximity Beacon bringing new customers to local businesses like bee’s to honey!

There are a lot of interesting marketing methods in the marketplace today. However, there is one new amazing device that is standing out from all the rest! It’s a new mobile proximity beacon that enables organizations to promote their products or services on mobile smart phones in the blink of an eye. If you wish to understand how these proximity marketing beacons work and greatly benefit local businesses then read on and watch the video in this post.

Google nearby technology is not new to the marketplace or local businesses, however, making that technology “mobile” is new and noteworthy! These mobile “GO Units” are amazing and are game changing for all local businesses. Can you imagine being able to send a custom text message with a link to your product or service out to hundreds or thousands of people depending on where your are, instantaneously?

Well, this is now possible! This new technology allows you to broadcast your custom message out to anyone within a radius of 300 feet or 100 yards of this little unit directly. People who have Android phones will receive your message as a notification on their phone. Imagine having a number of these units placed strategically around a mall or marketplace and everyone who is there receives your message instantly?

You could send a special offer for that day only and have every person who visits that mall or marketplace see your offering. Do you think this will increase sales for your business? This represents possibly the lowest cost ever for acquiring new customers or clients. These units do not break the bank.

The cost does not increase by the number of people you reach with your units. It’s a fixed cost. In the world of SEO, we all know for every keyword you want to rank for, the cost continues to go up. It’s not the case here.

How A Proximity Beacon Works for all Local Business Owners

Be as creative as you wish and have fun with this amazing new technology and stand out from your competition. If you are a realtor, you would to be to blanket the area you cover with your homes for sale or rent and have everyone in that area see these listings instantly on their phones. If you are involved with a fundraiser, what a tremendous way to get your message out to the masses.

In today’s marketplace, you can’t spend money one-time on advertising and have your ads last forever. Once you stop spending money, your ads stop as well! This proximity beacon represents the exact opposite! There is a nominal monthly fee to access these mobile proximity beacons, however, your reach to potential new customers or clients has no limit. You would be constantly getting your message on peoples smart phones as an instant notification around the clock.

Whether you reach hundreds of people every 30 days, thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands of people, that nominal monthly fee never increases! Now, that is music to any business owners ears. I think it’s easy to see why business owners across the country are ecstatic over this new mobile nearby device.

If you would like more information on how to get this technology and put it to work for your business, you can email us at support@localvideopros.com or call directly 602-369-0545.


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